PowerDNS, founded in the late 1990s, is a premier supplier of open source DNS software, services and support. Deployed throughout the world with some of the most demanding users of DNS, we pride ourselves on providing quality software and the very best support available.
PowerDNS software is 100% open source and 100% supported, with Service Level Agreement backed 24/7 contracts available. In this way, we (together with the PowerDNS community) deliver the best of both worlds: a wide and dynamic user base, which provides broadly deployed and established software, plus top notch support to enable users to rely on PowerDNS software for the core of their business.
PowerDNS users and customers include leading telecommunications service providers, large scale integrators, Wikipedia, content distribution networks, cable networks / multi service operators and Fortune 500 software companies. In various important markets, such as Scandinavia, Germany and The Netherlands, PowerDNS is the number one supplier of nameserver software.